Air or Gas Embolism

A rare and dangerous condition, an air or gas embolism is an air bubble that has entered a vein or artery. It can travel the brain, heart or lungs and cause a stroke, heart failure or respiratory failure. Air can enter a vein accidentally during certain medical procedures, from trauma to the lung or during scuba diving.

Small embolisms can dissipate naturally without causing serious problems, but a large air/gas embolism can be fatal unless treated quickly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a painless, well-established treatment for air embolisms. HBOT delivers 100 percent oxygen under pressure, causing the embolism to shrink and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy for Air Embolisms

We administer the latest hyperbaric technology in a comfortable, private setting. Treatment takes place in a clear acrylic chamber where you comfortably recline and view your surroundings at all times. Our experienced treatment team monitors you throughout the procedure.