Delayed Radiation Injury

The lives of many cancer patients have been saved by radiation treatment, but the tumor-killing radiation can also damage healthy tissue. When blood vessels are damaged, restricted bloodflow can lead to wounds in soft tissue and bone. These injuries can occur months or even years after the radiation treatments were completed.

Delayed radiation injury (radionecrosis) most commonly occurs in tumor treatment sites in the head, neck, breast, chest and pelvis. Ulcers caused by radionecrosis (necrosis means “death of tissue”) do not heal well without expert wound care. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is usually indicated for delayed radiation injury.

Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy for Delayed Radiation Injury

We administer the latest hyperbaric technology in a comfortable, private setting. Treatment takes place in a clear acrylic chamber where you comfortably recline and view your surroundings at all times. Our experienced treatment team monitors you throughout the procedure.