Negative Pressure-Assisted Wound Closure (Wound VAC)

Also called vacuum therapy, vacuum sealing or topical negative pressure therapy, Wound VAC treatment utilizes negative pressure to suction fluids from the wound and help bring the edges of the wound together. It also increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels and stimulates healthy cell growth. Negative pressure therapy helps reduce bacteria and aids in the formation of healthy granulation tissue, which is vital to wound healing and closure.

Vacuum-assisted closure (wound VAC) is indicated for deep, chronic wounds that are not healing properly. These types of wounds often require long hospital stays for treatment, but state-of-the-art vacuum therapy can be done on an out-patient basis. Wound vac has been proven to speed the healing process and wound closure, reduce pain and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Conditions treated with Wound VAC:

R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics can give you the treatment you need—no doctor referral is needed.