surgical wounds

Surgical Wounds, Grafts, Flaps

Surgical incisions can open up after surgery due to infection, poor tissue structure, compromised circulation, or from stress on the wound. Wounds that have been closed with skin grafts or skin flaps may fail to heal for similar reasons. Open wounds are susceptible to serious infections, especially when the wound is near bone, which can lead to bone infection (osteomyelitis). An open wound can also lead to “hardware infection” if it invades bone or tissue near an artificial joint or involves metal rods and screws used to repair a fracture.

Wound Dehiscence

This is a complication of surgical wounds, occurring when the incision breaks open along the sutures (stitches). This may be caused by poor suturing, or overly tight sutures, but usually happens because the patient has been too active or strained the incision by vomiting, coughing or even sneezing. Chronic disease, chemotherapy or a weak immune system can cause dehiscing. A dehisced or open wound can easily become infected, complicating the healing process.

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