eric cortez

Team Member Spotlight: Eric Cortez

Name: Eric Cortez
R3 Wound Care Clinic Location: Hardy Oak – San Antonio,TX

Tell us a bit about your experience/background:
I’ve been practicing Hyperbarics and Wound Care for the past 11 years I am a hardworking Hyperbaric Technician skilled at wound care, mobility assistance and charting. I am a quick problem solver, enthusiastic caregiver, Patient/family focused, and understand mobility assistance needs. I provide compassionate care that exceeded expectations to patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, osteomyelitis, soft tissue and osteo-radionecrosis, compromised grafts, flaps and chronic wounds. I ensure quality and safety control of staff and patients by routinely inspecting and maintaining a safe work environment.

How did you get into this field?
This is a great story: Before working in the medical field I was a Kitchen manager for 9 years that over looked and managed 20 employees. There was this one lady whom was a nurse that worked 1 day a week at the restaurant, She came up to me and told me she loves how I handle the staff the customers and how much of a hard worker I am. She continued on and asked me If I would like to work with her and the doctors at Foundation Surgical Hospital as a Hyperbaric tech and wound care specialist, I was taken back by this and told her no as I know nothing about the medical field. 2 more weeks past and she once again asked me and I told her no (lol)!

So, another month passed and she asked if we could talk, we sat down and she explained why she would love to have someone like me working with her and the doctors, PA’s and podiatrist. She mentioned that they’ll pay for all my schooling and classes to become a Certified Hyperbaric Specialist, and a Wound Care Specialist through courses at the Nix and Courses from the American board of wound healing!At this point I said what do I have to lose.. And that is when I started my journey on Hyperbaric medicine and wound care and haven’t been happier!

What is your favorite part about your job:
My absolute favorite part of my job is getting to interact with the patients on a daily basis, I love hearing their stories and I enjoy sharing my stories with them! Some of my patients don’t have friends or family members that they can talk to on a daily basis so when they’re in my care I treat them like a family member or friend IE: Mom ,dad, brother, sister, daughter, grandma, my late grandpa etc etc.

Over the years I have many patients I keep in touch with and we send letters back and forth. Some days its hard for me to say goodbye to the patients when they complete all their treatments and they’re healed, but at the same time, it makes me happy knowing I contributed to their wound healing! I also LOVE doing wound care any chance I get!! I am pretty knowledgeable in all wound care fields, I am also trained and certified in applying total contact cast and applying wound vac’s. I love sharing my thoughts on providing different wound care techniques and using different wound care supplies that’ll help support a better healing process . All in all I love everything about my job!

Tell us about your family:

I am happily married for the past 17 years to amazing woman whom is the step mother to my soon to be 22 year old daughter. She has been a blessing to my daughter and myself! She always keeps me focused and on the right path when things get hard or difficult. I couldn’t ask for a better woman. She works for an amazing company USAA and has been a major asset to what they do nation wide! My wife and I have so many great memories together and we are currently starting a family of our own! We’re also parents to a fur-baby who’s name is Riley Cortez and is a Olde English Pocket Beagle!

My daughter, Serina attends BYU and is studying to become a PA. She’s also an avid cross country runner and loves to bike ride! She also play in a mariachi band and loves to sing like her father! She is a wonderful, loving, caring, understanding daughter and I couldn’t ask for a better gift as she was born on Christmas Day!!

Favorite hobbies:

Some of my favorite hobbies are:Spending time with my family and some activities include bike riding, fishing, hunting, playing basketball with my daughter and enjoying trips to new places! I love to cook and BBQ every chance I get! I love trying new dishes and putting my own twist on them! I enjoy making my very own salsa’s and giving them to my friends, family and some patients and co-workers! 

Favorite movie or show:

Some of my favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies and books. I’m more of an avid book reader and enjoy reading Science fiction and adventure books. Some of my favorite authors are, Tom Clancy , John Grisham, R.L Stine, Danielle Steel and the late Harold Robbins!

Favorite part about living in the San Antonio area:

I love living in San Antonio because of the Culture and most importantly the FOOD! I also love living here because there is always something to do or visit! We have so many wonder lakes, and rivers and hiking trails to see! I am an outdoor person as well as my wife and daughter!